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Digital Vision Board Starter Kit (for Canva)

Digital Vision Board Starter Kit (for Canva)

Everything you need to start creating to your digital Vision Board.


This is a curated set of graphics which are all offered as part of Canva's free or paid plan to help save you time as you begin to design your digital Vision Board.


Graphics include items for the following categories: 

  • Faith
  • Finances (money; assets such as a car, house, saving for college, retirement, etc.)
  • Fitness (health-related images)
  • Fun (hobbies)
  • Fantasies (travel, big dreams)
  • Fundamentals (career, licenses, education)
  • Friends & Family (getting married, having a baby, etc.)
  • Other (descriptive words, affirmations, empowering statements, motivational quotes, etc.)


Using graphics for your Vision Board will help you:

  • Visualize your goals over the next year
  • Conceptualize the life of your dreams to help the subconscious mind begin to close the gap between reality and your dream life
  • Give you a way to see your goals every day in a clear, concise way
  • Make your Vision Board a beautiful representation of the life you want to design


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